Who do we take on?

We work with clients that are ready and able to scale both rapidly and globally, with a great team, a great product and a solid client base

Typically these are technology platform businesses that are highly scalable in nature, or disruptive industrial tech of global consequence needing acceleration through smart global distributors, partners and sequencing.

In-depth tech market and industry knowledge

Post Series A-B Clients

For high-growth companies that are definitively into their industrial-scaling mode, who are fighting at high intensity, GrowthWorks can lead at faster pace and lower risk their global expansion into Asia and/or Europe. These are 6 month minimum engagements aiming at 36 months total engagement period, with clear milestones and metrics for success, with revenue sharing and equity sharing arrangements based on performance. We also take monthly retainers equivalent to 2 FTE executive heads.

Most GrowthWorks team members have decades of Asia experience in over a dozen Asian markets and across Europe, in senior industry positions in tech and services businesses in both start-ups and global multinationals. We are very robust in leading Asian and European market expansions. Successful expansion usually strategically uplifts our clients to secure new classes of investors, at higher valuations, with additional and accelerated full exit paths for the business, in addition of course to more easily meeting anchor fund investor global performance metrics. All without further distracting or risking the client’s already stressed-out founding management team.

Pre Series A Clients

For companies within 12 months pre Series A, GrowthWorks will provide comprehensive strategic, global financial and governance advice, as well as growth execution support into new markets such as Asia and Europe.

We usually are active on the client’s board. We take monthly retainers to cover our costs equivalent to one EVP staff, and more importantly, we take significant equity alignment in earned phases of 2+3+4% over initial minimum 10 month engagements. We do not invest directly, but we will lead fund raising for such companies for top-up seed, and subsequent Series A and B raises.

Portfolio Clients: PE/VC Funds and Fortune 500 companies

We are interested in enhancing the value of funds and corporate VC portfolios that can add GrowthWorks as an efficient extension to their team for global leverage. GrowthWorks does extensive DD to create curated lists of high growth investment opportunities, we strengthen governance, mentor and augment leadership teams, and leverage extensive networks of potential partners and reference customers.

GrowthWorks can help you:

Where do we add value?

We fuse veteran skills across complex financial transactions, fund-raising, corporate strategy, start-up journeying, sales operations, product and platform design, government and regulatory affairs, partnering and joint venturing, global operations scaling, emerging market expansions, investor relations and board governance.
From conception to execution.