What Is GrowthWorks?

Elite Global Team

GrowthWorks is an elite team of experienced global industry execs and veteran strategic and financial advisors. We comprise just under a dozen partners, with strong presence and multi-decade, multi-tech-sector experience across Asia, Australia, Europe, UK, LatAm and Canada.

Long-term Relationships

We engage on a long-term relationship and risk-sharing basis – typically 36 months – and not simply on low-risk one-off consulting or advisory point-in-time transactions. We are an intimate global leadership team extension to our clients, who are smart high growth companies going global in a hurry, and who want to play faster-better-smarter. We simultaneously advise on strategy, stepped growth execution, fund raising and investor relations and governance.

We Fight for Founders

We work with the Founders and founding investors to multiply through maximum value-added during the critical growth lifecycle when the client’s company is moving fast to become the global standard and undertaking multiple rounds of financing. We aim to vastly increase the pace and significantly cut the risks of distraction and error of global expansions.

Breaking you Out of Geo Prison

Our client geography tends to bias towards firms who do not have the luxury of ‘growing-up’ in the USA or China hyper-scale markets, and instead must achieve global scale and dominance in a more wily fashion, overcoming their geographic handicaps of being born from smaller markets.

Our Raison d’Être

In a nutshell, our raison d’etre is to ensure that Founders and founding investors end up keeping significantly more ownership % at significantly higher $ valuations as they execute on growth and finance through several rounds in the coming 2-3 years. Everything is won or lost in this period.

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What Clients do we take on

We work with high-growth clients that are ready to really scale globally, with a great team, a great product and a solid client base

Typically these are technology platform businesses that are highly scalable in nature, or disruptive industrial tech of global consequence needing acceleration through smart global distributors, partners and sequencing.

General Use Cases

Post Series A-B Clients

For high-growth companies that are definitively into their industrial-scaling mode, who are fighting at high intensity, GrowthWorks can lead at faster pace and lower risk their global expansion into Asia and/or Europe. These are 6 month minimum engagements aiming at 36 months total engagement period, with clear milestones and metrics for success, with revenue sharing and equity sharing arrangements based on performance. We also take monthly retainers equivalent to 2 FTE executive heads.

Most GrowthWorks team members have decades of Asia experience in over a dozen Asian markets and across Europe, in senior industry positions in tech and services businesses in both start-ups and global multinationals. We are very robust in leading Asian and European market expansions. Successful expansion usually strategically uplifts our clients to secure new classes of investors, at higher valuations, with additional and accelerated full exit paths for the business, in addition of course to more easily meeting anchor fund investor global performance metrics. All without further distracting or risking the client’s already stressed-out founding management team.

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Pre-series A

For companies within 12 months pre-Series A, GrowthWorks will provide comprehensive strategic and global financial and governance advice, as well as stepped growth execution support into new markets such as Asia and Europe. We usually are active on the client’s board. We take monthly retainers to cover our costs equivalent to one EVP staff, and more importantly, we take significant equity alignment in earned phases of 2-3-4% over initial minimum 10 month engagements. We do not invest directly, but we will lead fund raising for such companies for top-up seed, Series A and Series B.

Advisory services for PE/VC Funds and Fortune 500 companies

We are interested in enhancing the value of funds and corporate VC portfolios based in Australia, Canada, the EU, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States that can add GrowthWorks as an efficient extension to their team for global leverage.

GrowthWorks can help you:

• Boost value of key portfolio companies by speeding up expansions into Asia and Europe

• Fundraise $25M+ rounds

• Help with your exits and management of your portfolio for global leverage of origination and execution."

• Funnel new opportunities including deal-flow and co-investment partners from our ecosystem

• Engage long-term as we act as an extension of your team

• Help your fund punch above its weight and draw interest for your next raise

• Review your portfolio and propose suitable growth strategies

How does GrowthWorks add value?

Match-fit to Accelerate Market Share

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What we do



Sales Expertise and Leadership

Sales organization design and mentorship of young sales teams and key account selling and proof of concepts across the national/regional/global staircase

Veteran sales organization and leadership skills can accelerate business cases by a year or more. And de-risk execution distractions and failures

New Market Entry and growth acceleration

GrowthWorks has very deep expertise in Asia, Europe and Latam markets, and broad shoulders to spearhead geographic expansion whilst minimizing distraction and disruption to the Founder’s core executive bench

Early, de-risked multi geo success directly and markedly raises the next round valuation level. Not to mention sales ramp satisfaction for VC and other investors

Emerging market entry and risk management

Successfully sequence market entries into larger but higher risk markets, successfully take risk but manage risk in real-time. The team has extensive multi-decade experience in most of the non-transparent and highest risk major ‘darling’ markets including India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America and select African markets

Major emerging market penetration can secure leveraged attention of investors and acquirers. But we need to do this without losing our shirts or creating scandals

Indirect channels / distributorships / licensing

Sales distributorship/indirect channels model design, negotiation, compensation structures and marketing programmes and incentives. In the rush to early wins, a lot of value can be given up because the team does not think through the right sequence of channel partners that will raise negotiating terms and interest of partners and ratchet up value

Indirect channels can accelerate and multiply the business case drastically. Sequence the rollout and de-risk the execution

Strategic Partnerships

Design, shortlisting, negotiation and launch of major globally-impacting go-to-market partnerships

Direct impact on revenue pace, even higher impact on attracting investors, and even higher impact on next-round valuation level. But must manage the severe downside risks of overcommitting to a global dominant partner who might wish to copy us or snuff us out

Equity Joint Ventures

Strategic joint venture high-level leadership, negotiation, structuring and governance

Can make safe and momentum inroads esp. into e.g. critical emerging markets like India/China/ Indonesia, or into key adjoining sectors. Major direct impact on investor attraction and next-round valuation level

Major geographic sub-region leadership

Key global sub-region launch and executive leadership, especially for broad Asia (12+ markets), ASEAN cluster, ANZ, and Europe regions (Canada, LatAm also referenceable)

It is easy to say ‘go-global’, access more investor classes, achieve higher valuations… but it can be intensely painful and even dangerous to distract/disrupt the core management team. GrowthWorks can take this weight and distraction substantially off of the Founder’s shoulders by leading the charge on a core geo leadership effort

Anchor customers / channels proof of concept

Leadership of proof of concept and anchor customers in key geography or key sector or key channel partner market expansion

A sales strategy has little value or chance of success without team confidence that it is achievable. Anchor accounts, won early, executed to success, have a night and day impact on sales momentum and plan achievement

How does GrowthWorks add value?

Match-fit for Investors

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What we do



Product / Platform Strategy Audit

Will investors understand the problem we are determined to solve, and can we tell them how our business can really be big?

Race the pulses of investors

Financial Modelling

Crisp, clean, wise, truthful and elegant modelling.

Essential to securing investors

Business Case & Pitch Decks

Elegance and completeness in communicating the business case to both sophisticated and high-level audiences.

Decisive to converting potential investors and direct impact on valuation level

Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy critiques and refinement

Essential to securing investors

Data room management

To ensure successful execution of due diligence process

Minimize closing risk

Investor Sourcing

Sourcing and shortlisting potential investors in multiple investor classes in multiple geographies, including across Australia, ASEAN, Europe and UK geographies, for Seed top-up / Series A / and Series B etc.

Multiple investor classes in multiple geos changes the game for Founders’ equity.

Investment Terms Negotiation

Protecting company rights and avoiding common risks and pitfalls.

Protect valuations and preserve healthy posture for next fundraising.

Market Strategic Intel Uplift

GrowthWorks X-factor is its profound market connectivity, intelligence and industry contacts, across well distributed senior executive circles, across diverse sectors, geographies and channels.

Road test to check unknown risks. Gain momentum and uplift so investors talk to investors, and the market talks about our client’s business in self-acceleration mode.

How does GrowthWorks add value?

Marathon-fit governance and structure for optimal valuation

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What we do



Board Support

GrowthWorks partners undertake board of director / board observer roles. Full transparency improves our speed and competence across every issue. Founder has veterans aligned with his interests on standby.

Higher confidence, better decisions, faster decisions, reinforcement of Founder’s interests, likely higher unity of shareholders/ investors.

Corporate Governance Integrity

Governance advice from GrowthWorks, including on the company structure, Founder vs shareholder rights, financial management controls, senior CFO advisory support and mentoring, and strategic transaction advice.

Keep the corporate body healthy for future challenges, likely avoiding a number of avoidable disasters and distractions.

Legal Strategic Structuring Audits

Strategic legal health check reviews via preferential access to senior partners in top-tier global law firms to provide strategic health checks and early warnings to clients of GrowthWorks on clients’ global headquartering, structuring and expansion, IP strategy and other legal roadmap issues and risks

This is often neglected or done incompetently by domestic counsel. Truly global view, prewarned, saves much pain. It also shows investors that we are sophisticated and ready to quickly adapt/ re-headquarter/ run high level governance as we go global. Positive signal to attract investors.

Disposals and Partial Exits

Disposals of business units, partial disposal of company, disposals with paths to control.

Unrealized asset value from the business can be realized to support the core business. Or strategic reality may require a merger or phased path to control transaction to a dominant player. These hold complex risks.


Full exit advice and negotiation support. Exit scenario planning.

Most Founders are passionately committed. But the truth is, no one knows how they truly feel until a buyout offer is on the table. GrowthWorks can manage the negotiation and valuation and coach the Founders, at any time it occurs.

Acquisitions and Rollups

Acquisition rollup strategy and executions / full M&A support.

When things really start to take off, and it is a true race to become the global standard, a series of aggressively financed and executed acquisitions, either in lateral sectors or directly competing sectors, can well determine the outcome of the whole industry structure. GrowthWorks is therefore ready at any moment to support a rollup campaign.

Investor Relations

General ongoing advice on investor relations

There are many flavours of investor classes and hot-button issues. Keeping these stable, with early warning and management, can save an awful lot of distraction and distress for Founders.

Strategy Audits

General ongoing strategic reviews and recalibration.

The worst corporate strategies are those are static and never measured. GrowthWorks can coach, lead or challenge this workstream.

Ad Hoc Board Support

General support to the Founders and board on ad hoc critical issues and initiatives and strategic problems requiring deal and negotiations support.

GrowthWorks advocates for Founders and are veteran negotiators, on standby.

Founder Value Maximization Across Full Lifeycle

Perpetual advocacy of Founders’ interests to maximize valuation and minimize dilution of Founders’ equity over the critical growth-company lifeycle

This is our existential reason for being.

How does GrowthWorks add value?

Further accelerating and de-risking the business case

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What we do



Co-Financing for Key Expansion Projects

Bring in a partner to co-finance key expansion projects, e.g. in specific geographies or lateral/ complimentary sector expansion, negotiate superior financing terms.

Expands the growth story to our investors, but on a subsidized and potentially de-risked basis.

Executive Talent Pool

Sourcing of proven senior global executives from GrowthWorks’ Executive Bench Industry Teams roster to serve in client’s key roles on interim or launch basis Hire us vs temp. In some cases, GrowthWorks partners can also temporarily take on interim executive roles. *either service incurs additional fees.

Organic hires are risky – best outcome by industry veteran sr. execs when they hire is 50-50. GrowthWorks can place trusted execs we have worked with intimately before, cutting that risk way down and accelerating key expansions. Can accelerate business cases by a year or more.

Why is our team Unique?

We bring together financial advisory muscle, strategic thinking backbone, start-up experience, and sales and ops leadership gristle, all backed by each and every team member having been in serious industry positions, and not only advisory.

It’s an intimate team of non-sociopaths, that has successfully engaged for decades. We max out at 12 partners, so that our client gets to know and trust every team member and is engaged by multiple partners. It is important to us that our client trusts and treats us as an extension of their core leadership team.

We are industry veterans, perpetually embedded in the client to allow constant fund raising and corporate development, a tigher intertwining of strategy, finance and execution that curtails losses by dilution, and results in better outcomes than what traditional investment banking and/or strategic advisory can achieve.


Leadership Team Europe & Asia

Emilio Manso-Salinas, Founding Partner and Managing Director Europe

Emilio is a pan-European who has also spent extensive time in Asia. Skilled in complex financial transactions, M&A, fund raising, outsourcing, strategy and European technology businesses including broad ranging digital marketplaces start-up experience. Emilio has over 10 years running boutique advisory businesses, and over 15 years in senior executive positions with global champions across outsourcing, M&A, strategy and operations. He brings high discipline and governance to GrowthWorks. Emilio engages across Madrid, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Andrew Dobbins, Founding Partner and Managing Director Australia

Andrew is a global technology services senior executive and proven Asian business leader who has experience in general management, enterprise sales leadership, and operational growth scaling of billion-dollar businesses. He is also very experienced in medtech and fintech start-up ecosystems and world-leading disruptive technologies. He has worked his way up through corporate Australia, and further out into the highest ranks of general management of global Fortune 500 enterprises Asia Pacific businesses. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth and Sydney. He is a natural-born builder and leader of elite sales organizations. He is one of our highest trust mentors to founders.

Martin Childs, Founding Partner and Managing Director Asia

Martin spends most of his time across four cities in Asia. He is highly skilled in Asian business (12+ markets in-depth for over 35 years), strategic planning, bus dev execution, emerging market expansion and risk management, joint venture design and execution, regulatory and government affairs, M&A, and other complex and patient win-win deal making. Martin has worked for a range of leading global tech companies and global services firms and has one of the most diverse and embedded networks of the GrowthWorks team.

Krzys Werkun, Founding Partner and Lead Investment Banker

Krzys is a 25-year veteran investment banker from Europe and Asia skilled in global investment banking, global technology business strategy and Asian finance. Krzys has a great passion for disruptive technology companies, complex transactions and fundraising, and has decades of experience over hundreds of deals placing investors into global growth companies. He is a proud Wharton grad and worked in three global tier 1 investment banks in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Jakarta, and co-founded a nationally leading Chinese investment bank. In recent years, he typically engages across Boston, Hong Kong, Gdansk and London. Arguably Krzys’s defining team contribution is knowing what investors are going to think… before investors think it, and convincingly communicating that to our client founders.

Dave Greenwood, Founding Partner Australia

Dave is a skilled techno-commercial-engineering leader with 30+ years of international experience, spanning extensive business operations, strategy consulting, business development, venture capital and commodity trading. He has worked in mobile network operations in various CxO and CEO roles, co-founded multiple tech startups and advised on multi-$billion M&A deals. Dave is a passionate engineering science and innovation advocate. He has lived and worked in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Rome, Paris, Honiara (Solomon Islands) and Melbourne.

Rich Montgomery – Partner Europe

Rich lives and works currently in Lisbon and London. He is a 35-year veteran in the technology, telecoms, and communications infrastructure space. He served as an accomplished Senior Executive in one of America’s Fortune 15 companies, leading their International Business in EMEA and APAC. He is highly skilled in anticipating and positioning scaled businesses to meet disruptive market trends, and, complemented by his deep operational, sales and strategic planning capabilities, in achieving sustainable and significant top line/ profitable growth in Europe’s largest markets. Rich has built an advisory portfolio with senior clients focused on step-change growth opportunities. He is a successful executive coach and mentor, specialised in creating a high-performance culture. Rich brings extra boardroom gravitas to our GrowthWorks team as we assist clients to launch more ambitious scaled projects with larger investors.

Mike Kyriacou, Partner Silicon Valley

Mike is a Silicon Valley veteran with 12+ years of experience as a growth-company mentor, strategist, and scaler in San Francisco. He is himself a serial entrepreneur in digital platforms, AI, and software. He believes passionately in great technology businesses powered by market-leading product engineering. Mike is a humanist who shows great empathy to other founders, but with the needed tough love. He has spent time at two of the major VCs and taught at both Stanford and UC-Berkeley. He has served as mentor and advisor to no less than three incubator programs in California, two in Europe and two, including nationwide, in Australia. He has won honours for his AI developments within the California ecosystem. Mike has himself travelled the founder’s journey.

Andres Silva-Robert, Partner LATAM

Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in Digital Businesses in Latin America. Built from scratch and operated 20+ eCommerce and eServices companies, including (i) leading online initiatives for global retailers of FMCG and finance, as well as (ii) being a serial entrepreneur for some of LATAM's leading digital platforms, typically as CEO and co-Founder. He has lived and worked in: Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and France.

Expert Associates

Patrick Williamson, Senior Technology Advisor

Eight years as CPO, and 15 years in product management, across Europe, US and Asia. Built and launched two startups as product lead and Founder. Grown media product traffic 12x over 15 months, rebuilding platforms, tech and product teams. Built SaaS team and converted on premise AI product to SaaS product as first CPO, achieving 35% growth. Built and grew online distribution channel for a B2B software MNC, achieving 50% y-o-y growth. Commercial experience: COO, partnership, GM, Corp Dev and marketing. First Round Capital Mentor, top global business school EIR/Mentor, startup advisor. He has lived and worked in: Silicon Valley, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Spain.

Francisco Gomez, Senior Technology Advisor

IT veteran 30+ years of experience in technology projects and infrastructure management, highly focused on mission critical in high availability and real time environments. Insurance, e-commerce, online gambling and enterprise legacy in regulated markets. Cloud Computing, Security, Fraud, AML, Risk Management, Network, Tech Compliance, Communications, Data-Centers, Development, Operations, ePayments, Mobility, Web, Apps, QA and UX. He has lived and worked in: Sweden, Portugal, Italy, UK, Spain.

Esteve Jane, Senior Advisor

Esteve recently completed as CEO the successful turnaround and disposal of a European multi-country mobile platform for one of the global leaders in online classifieds. He serves as Senior Advisor to GrowthWorks in respect of online platforms. Previously, Esteve was Partner at a Series A / growth Venture Capital fund investing in Tech Pan European companies. He completed roughly 20+ investments and 5 exits, mostly for online platform companies.

He has lived and worked in: Singapore, Austria, Spain.

Strategic Advisors to the Board

We are currently selecting a small group of global senior executives to actively provide visionary leadership advice to our team and our clients.

Global Executive Bench

We maintain an executive bench of over 30 veteran global executives, across a number of industries, available to second onto specific client projects, all of whom we have worked with, fully trust, and who have broad and reliable shoulders.

Achieving success together

How to become a Client

Please write to us on enquiries@growthworks.com. Kindly include a basic company/ value prop presentation, or written summary and weblink.

Two of our partners will reach out and hold a call with you to explore your business progress and strategy.

If we like what we see, we will arrange a date for you to present the business collectively to a half dozen of our global partners on video conference, as if you were presenting to investors. Usually, we dig in pretty quickly to strategic avenues and needs, frustrations and headwinds, build strong mutual rapport and introduce key team members in-depth. We are happy to do this under full NDA. We will advise how we see the timing of your business, and whether and how we could add most value.

Please remember that we are looking for clients ready to scale, with good product and teams in place, and for fundamental long-term phased equity alignment with basic monthly retainers.

Contact Us

We operate globally and have our main offices in Europe and Asia.

Embedded across London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Palo Alto, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.