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What is GrowthWorks?

Elite Global Team

GrowthWorks is an elite team of experienced global industry execs and veteran strategic and financial advisors. We comprise just under a dozen partners, with strong presence and multi-decade, multi-tech-sector experience across Asia, Australia, Europe, UK, LatAm and Canada.

Long-term Relationships

We engage on a long-term relationship and risk-sharing basis – typically 36 months – and not simply on low-risk one-off consulting or advisory point-in-time transactions. We are an intimate global leadership team extension to our clients, who are smart high growth companies going global in a hurry, and who want to play faster-better-smarter. We simultaneously advise on strategy, stepped growth execution, fund raising, investor relations and governance.

Operating Globally

We operate globally and have our main offices in Europe and Asia.


Palo Alto

New York
Hong Kong


We Fight for Founders

We work with the Founders and founding investors to multiply through maximum value-added during the critical growth lifecycle when the client’s company is moving fast to become the global standard and undertaking multiple rounds of financing. We aim to vastly increase the pace and significantly cut the risks of distraction and error of global expansions.

Breaking You Out of Geo Prison

Our client geography tends to bias towards firms who do not have the luxury of ‘growing-up’ in the USA or China hyper-scale markets, and instead must achieve global scale and dominance in a more wily fashion, overcoming their geographic handicaps of being born from smaller markets.

Our Raison d’Être

In a nutshell, our raison d’etre is to ensure that Founders and founding investors end up keeping significantly more ownership % at significantly higher $ valuations as they execute on growth and finance through several rounds in the coming 2-3 years. Everything is won or lost in this period. We also help private and corporate funds to grow and groom their portfolios.

Who do we take on?

We work with high-growth clients that are ready to really scale globally, with a great team, a great product and a solid client base.